SafetySync has come a long way since its formation in 2006. We've learned a lot about software, safety systems, and what motivates safety professionals to be exceptional at their job. We've changed, pivoted, and re-aligned our business to support the needs of the safety industry and have had a lot of fun along the way.

One thing that's remained consistent is our commitment to continually improve what we do. The development of our software has never stopped and we're always adjusting, tweaking, sometimes breaking, but always building new things. We're very happy to listen to feedback from our customers and it's almost always them that decide what we build next.

Let's talk stats real quick. In 10 years, SafetySync has:

153,289 Users
8088 Companies
3,627,696 Training Quizzes Taken
360,185 External Certificates Tracked
419,709 Procedures Reviewed
1,035,661 Policies Acknowledged
204,794 Forms Submitted

Insane. Simply insane. It's never been more clear that safety needs software.

For our 10 year anniversary, we're starting a new blog that will be tailored 100% for safety professionals. We're going to talk about the issues safety professionals face in their job and hopefully contribute new ways to think about safety and manage the safety of your workers.

We'd love for you to contribute to the discussion and even try subscribing. If you're an existing customer we want to thank you, you've made the success of SafetySync possible! If you're just finding us for the first time, stick around, we know you'll find that there's a lot to like about SafetySync.

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