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Since North America is such a diverse place with many different languages and people, understanding safety information may be difficult for those personnel who do not speak the primary language for that region.

Fortunately, 2016 reflects a digital age where many companies choose to implement Safety Programs using Software - New-Age safety loves technology!

By utilizing one of the many available Online Safety Management Systems, you may discover some that offer automatic translation of company policies, procedures, training etc. This will allow for more comprehensive understanding of program elements to personnel who may have difficulty with English or other languages.

For example: a Company who has a COR Certificate from a certifying partner may undergo regular Health and Safety Program Audits (or other types of audits: Transportation Audits, Culture Audits, Peer Audits, etc.). As an element of such an Audit, your workers may be interviewed to confirm the type of safety culture at the organization as well as reflect that your workers are aware of the Safety program content.

This can be difficult for a worker whose first language is not English: Not only are these interviews intimidating (to some degree), but the question is raised as to whether or not the worker understood the question being OR any of the HSE Program content at all.

With the functionality of these digital systems to convert company policies, procedures and other documentation to different languages, you provide a better foundation of understanding for workers of all languages. We've built a pretty great system that automatically translates menus, policies, quizzes and more into the language of a worker's choice. Google has been fantastic on making updates to languages provided and as of posting we offer over 80 languages to choose from.

Check out our awesome software solution if your business has workers with ESL that could benefit from safety training in their native language.

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