Since it is 2016, many of us are aware of some sort of safety program in our workplace. Whether or not we think it applies to us or our jobs is a different matter, but we are generally aware of the need for safety to varying degrees.

Safety stops at work?

However, in many cases, people think safety ends at the end of your work day. But what about at home, or during company events?

We've all been there, you go to a company holiday party, golf tournament or other event and enjoy your fellow workers outside of the workplace. Usually these events include lots of food and alcohol - but have you considered safety at these events?

The key here is to raise awareness about risks present outside of the office or field site.

When the celebration is over do you drive home, or will you choose a designated driver/taxi/other because you've had a lot to drink? A vehicle is a loaded weapon on 4 wheels and an intoxicated driver behind the wheel can take lives, and dramatically change lives.
Golf games can start as early as 5/6am, and the long day on the green along with the fresh air can make you dangerously fatigued - do you still drive home despite being dangerously tired?

These are things to keep in mind: Safety doesn't stop at the office. It is critical to be mindful of outside of work as well - including home.

Let's say you've had a productive and safe work week. Now it's the weekend and the weather is 30+ degrees and you're going to mow the lawn. Do you consider the personal protective equipment you should wear in this circumstance? The truth is, we have no idea what is lurking in our lawn/grass. A piece of broken glass or an old nail in the lawn may get picked up by the lawn mower and embedded in your eye. The 'whips' of the weed-whacker may remove some toes right from your feet.


Although it is difficult to anticipate every single hazard in every situation, by remaining 'safety minded' and considering the risks involved in the tasks you perform or actions you take can protect you at work, at home and during extracurricular activities.

Safety doesn't start and stop according to your work schedule. It is important to consider safety in everything that you do so that you can protect yourself, your family and others - at work and outside work.

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