Sounds a little obvious, but sometimes it is worth taking the time to analyze existing processes and their downfalls in an effort to determine effective solutions.
For example, until you choose to implement your Safety Program into a digital system, you might rely on Safety Manuals and paper documentation in order to remain compliant.
Creating a Safety Manual and effective Safety Program is one thing, but how effective is it?
Do you in fact complete records (Office Inspections, Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspections, Journey Management, Management Site Tours, Hazard ID's etc.) as frequently as your company has stated in its company Policies? If you do, you know there is a TON of paperwork to keep track of, collect, organize etc. after the fact. Not to mention the fact that those papers are likely wrinkled, torn, illegible and have coffee spilt all over them.
Who can read this person's handwriting anyhow!?
There IS a better way! There are dozens of digital solutions!
These days there are numerous options for digitizing your safety forms. Most available software on the market allows you to build forms in customized templates using your own logo and form fields needed. Some even have email distribution lists which send that PDF record (once completed) to whomever you wish.
Some additional benefits to having digital forms include:

  • Easy readability of text: No more 'Guessing' what someone has written
  • Options for digitally signing a document
  • Ability to take and attach photos, videos and audio (After all, a picture's worth a thousand words!)
  • Easily applied dates to records
  • Records automatically stored in digital filing systems
  • Available GPS Coordinate Additions to identify location
  • In some circumstances, digital forms may be sent even in areas without service
  • Quick and easy way to complete, store and retrieve data
  • Set *Required fields so that a record cannot be submitted without pertinent data indicated
  • Versatility: Available on many digital devices including Smart Phones, Tablets, Computer/Laptop and MORE!

There are even some systems that will track your company Cost Savings in using digital records versus paper records, CO2 saved from the environment and Number of trees saved! These are great statistics to publish annually to demonstrate your company's commitment to the Environment!
I'm not going to go on and on about why I like particular forms systems over others - they all have their Peaks and Pits. Although I definitely encourage you to look into the various options out there if your company is still stuck using unmanageable paper records that get lost, torn or are illegible. Digital filing makes finding, sharing and reviewing records so much easier.
Hidden Benefits?
There are also numerous inconspicuous rewards with reference to Digitizing records. For example; It can make your Annual Audit much less stressful since your Forms/Records are better organized and Corrective Actions are easier to navigate.
It also better allows you to quickly and easily see the records your company has collected/submitted compared to any Gaps or missing records that may need to be completed.
Consider the market solutions, cost savings, and stress reduction for your company!
Tried and Tested Form Tools
Here are a few form tools we've personally found useful:
Device Magic
Google Forms

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