In 2016, there are software tools for everything. There's accounting software, proposal software, payroll software, CRM software, project management software, help desk software, and the list goes on and on.

Software to manage safety still seems like a bit of a rarity and companies are often cobbling together excel spreadsheets, Sharepoint pages, and other band-aid fixes to manage safety. If you can accept that the above areas of your business are better with software then it's time to consider that the same is true of OHS software.

So just how beneficial can OHS software be?

Maybe you've been managing (whether successfully or unsuccessfully) your safety program all these years with paper safety manuals, chasing down paper records in a panic to collect for audit, and tracking certificates via an excel matrix that has become a nightmare to manage.

Because there are so many elements to safety programs (Credential Management, Policies, Procedures, Job Specific Training, Certified Training, Certificate Matrices, Records of all types, and much more) there really should be a system to organize and sort this data. Can you imagine managing all your accounting in a spreadsheet? There's no way you would do that.

If only there were software on the market to send me automated notifications when refresher training is due, when corrective actions require attention, to notify me of Commercial Vehicle Inspection certificate expiration or maintenance due, or even to effectively manage documentation and expected submission frequency.

Luckily for you, there are a wide range of solutions to these problems available. Of course, I'm a little biased in that I believe I presently work with the best software on the market. Having said that, it's important to note that the more OHS software tools that are built and marketed actually make things better for all of us. Market awareness spurs innovation and the more customers our competitors get, the more word of mouth is spread about OHS software which in turns brings us more customers. OHS software is on the cusp of widespread adoption and we're happy to say that since 2006, we've had over 8500 companies sign up for our software.

Getting back to why you need OHS software, one of the most important indicators of your need is the knowledge that your peers at other companies have software in place or are looking for software. Just as no sales team could compete without CRM software, safety departments are needing to implement OHS software at their company just to remain competitive and ensure they can attract the skilled workers they need to complete projects on time, efficiently, and safely.

Of course with Bill C-45 management has the duty to provide systems to protect the safety of your workers that a reasonable company would provide. Each year that goes by, the definition of reasonable is adjusted. As more companies implement OHS software, spreadsheets and filing cabinets move closer and closer to being unreasonable protections. The presence of a better system directly affects what a company can consider due diligence if a company does not improve their own systems to pursue safer systems.

Regardless if you believe that OHS software is needed at your company, the day is coming where companies will not be able to make that decision themselves. More and more Prime and General Contractors are demanding digital systems before they will consider awarding jobs to companies. The benefits of OHS software has a major internal need currently but will continue to move in the direction of requiring it to even operate your business.

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